Armoured Ribbon Fiber Cable LSZH FTSF-FLTZSZ06576009R12

The FTSF-FLTZSZ06576009R12 is an Armoured Ribbon Fiber Cable that can support a maximum of 6 tubes that are filled with water blocking gel which each tube can hold up to 8 stacks of 12 core ribbon optical fibers. To prevent water penetration, the cable incorporates a layer of water blocking tape. The steel wire armouring will provide the cable with added mechanical and rodent protection. Also, both LSZH inner and outer jackets of the cable will provide the flame-retardant capability.

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Cable Construction


Optical Fibers

Single-mode and multimode types are both supported.


Loose Tube

A maximum of 6 loose tubes is supported. Each of this tube can consist of a maximum of 8 stacks of 12 cores ribbon fibers.


Water Blocking Tape

Water blocking tape is extruded over the cable core to prevent water penetration.


Steel Wire Armour

Steel wire armour is deployed to serve as armouring to provide mechanical protection to the cable.


Inner and Outer Jacket

Both inner and outer LSZH jackets are deployed to provide the flame-retardant capability to the cable.