Handheld Fiber Microscope F1-MS200U

The F1-MS200U fiber microscope is used to carry out inspection work of the end face of a fiber optic connector. During the inspection, impurities such as dirt, debris or oil that may interfere with the transmission of the optical signal can be identified.

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Type of adapters provided

The F1-MS200U fiber microscope can be equipped with interchangeable adapters to facilitate the inspection work. For the inspection work of the FC, SC and ST fiber optic connectors, a 2.5mm universal adapter is provided. On the other hand, a 1.25mm adapter is provided for the LC fiber optic connector.


Illumination & Magnification Sources

The F1-MS200U fiber microscope is fitted with a white LED lighting as the light source to provide illumination for the inspection work to be carried out. The fiber microscope can magnify the end face of the connector up to 200 times.