UTP Category 6A Cable with LSZH Jacket, FTSC-UTP6A-Z(OR)

The FTSC-UTP6A-Z UTP is an unshielded Category 6A Ethernet Cable capable of transmitting data, video or audio signals at a faster speed of 500MHz than the Category 6 Ethernet Cable. To reduce cross talk, this cable utilizes both cross filler and zig-zag design in its outer LSZH jacket. The LSZH outer jacket, on the other hand, provides flame-retardant functionality and emits low-smoke non-toxic gas when burnt.
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Conductors & Insulation

The FTSC-UTP6A-Z unshielded Category 6A Ethernet Cable comprises 4 pairs of copper conductors that are twisted together and insulated with a layer of HDPE material.