Petrochemical, Oil & Gas

Since its inception in the year 1999, FiberTek has been supplying products such as fiber optic patch panels, fiber optic cables and many others to support the growth of the petrochemical oil and gas industry. The petrochemical, oil and gas industry has also since remained one of the pillar industries that drive the growth for the company.

Year Project Name Country Product
2019 Bu Hasa Project United Arab Emirates Fiber Optic Panel and Accessories
2019 Trident Project (Shell) Singapore Fiber Optic Panel and Accessories
2020 Harmony Project (JGC) Thailand Fiber Optic Ethernet Converters, Patch Panel, Fiber Optic Accessories, Ethernet Copper Accessories
2020 Golden Pass LNG Export Project United States DPPY12, DPPY24 Patch Panel and FO Pigtails
2020 FPSO MERO2, MV32 & MV33 Brazil FCNID & FCNCS Converter, FN14 Chassis
2021 Refinery Development Master Plan (RDMP) Indonesia Fiber Optic Panels and Accessories, Composite Cables, Structured Cabling Products
2021 Ma’aden Ammonia 3 Project Saudi Arabia Fiber Optic Panels, Fiber Optic Accessories, Structured Cabling, Ethernet/POE Converter
2021 SAFFRON B Polymer Plant Singapore Fiber Optic Panels, Ethernet Converter, Fiber Optic Accessories