Composite Cable

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CCTV Composite Cable

The CCTV composite cable is designed and used for closed circuit camera applications. CCTV composite cable connects the control system to the cameras or junction boxes to the cameras in the field. This category of cable is best suited for commercial and industrial applications.

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Copper Composite Cable

Copper composite cable usually comprises of copper conductors and is available in many constructions. Copper composite cable is designed and used as the main system cable for some specific paging systems which has power, page & party line transmitted within a single cable and this will help to provide ease of installation as different cable functionalities are combined into one cable.

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Fiber Copper Composite Cable

Fiber copper composite cable enables power and variety of signals to be transmitted over the fiber with a single cable therefore provide the ease of installation. Fiber copper composite cable is best suited for control and data communication installations which both copper and fiber are required at the same time.