Ethernet Cable

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Unshielded Category 6 Ethernet Cable

The unshielded Category 6 Ethernet cable is capable of providing transmission of video, audio, and data signals at the speed of up to 250MHz and can be utilized in various network applications such as token rings.

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Unshielded Category 6A Ethernet Cable

The unshielded Category 6A Ethernet cable can transmit signals of data, voice and video signals at a faster speed than Category 6 Ethernet cable at 500 MHz and over a longer distance making it suitable to be utilized in a 10G network environment.

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Shielded Category 6A Ethernet Cable

The shielded Category 6A Ethernet cable usually comes with a shield to protect the twisted copper pairs from external inferences such as EMI that will affect data signal transmission. It is capable of transmitting data signals over faster speeds and longer distances.