The MPO solution empowers high-density optical network connection.

MPO is the acronym for “multi-fiber push on’ – an MPO connector is a fiber optic connector that comprises multiple fibers (8, 12 or 24 fiber count) combined into a single fiber connector interface with the push and pull connection mechanism.

In today's increasingly connected world, more high-speed network connections are required especially in a data centre environment. Using a conventional fiber network connection leads to cluttering which will result in difficulty in network maintenance. Therefore, a more compressed high-density network solution is needed and the MPO solution is the ideal solution for this issue. The MPO solution comprises various MPO products such as connectors, patch cords, trunk cables, fan-out cables, cassettes and panels.

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MPO Connector / MPO Fiber Connector

The MPO connector is the key enabler in the high-density optical network allowing multiple optical fibers connection at the same time.

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MPO Patch cord & MPO Trunk Cable

The MPO patch cord and MPO Trunk Cable are cable assemblies comprised of fiber patch cables that are pre-terminated with MPO connectors. They are essential components in the high-density optical network connecting optical devices to the patch panels or vice versa. There is an array of MPO patch cords and MPO Trunk cables available to cater to the different networking requirements.

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MPO-LC Fanout Cable

The MPO-LC Fanout cable is a cable assembly that consists of an MPO connector at one side of a patch cable with the other end branched out and terminated with 8, 12 or LC connectors. It is utilized to support an optical connection in high-density network environments.

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MPO Chassis

The MPO chassis is available in 1U or 2U types to support the high-density optical network. It is compact in design to be mounted in the same network cabinet as other optical devices.

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MPO Cassette

The MPO cassette is loaded into an MPO chassis to support optical patching in a high-density fiber network. It is available with various configurations can be loaded with LC duplex, SC duplex or LC quad duplex adapter types.

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MPO Fanout

The MPO fanout cable can support either 12 or 24 optical fibers. It can support optical connections in high-density networks.