MPO Patch cord & MPO Trunk Cable


What is an MPO Patch cord?

An MPO Patch cord is created with an optical fiber cable terminated with an MPO connector on both sides. Each MPO connector is capable of supporting up to 24 optical fibers and is available in either Singlemode or Multimode (OM3, OM4) fiber types. It is ideal to be deployed in environments such as data centres which require high-density fiber cabling.

What is an MPO Trunk Cable?

An MPO Trunk Cable comprises multiple bundles of optical patch cables terminated with MPO connectors on both sides. Various fiber types are supported such as Singlemode (G.652D, G.657A1 and G.657A2) and Multimode (OM3, OM4). The MPO Trunk Cable offers an efficient solution in high-density fiber cabling providing quick and easy installations.


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