Optical test equipment are often utilized to carry out inspection work to the fiber optic cable.

Optical test equipment consist of products that are utilized  to carry out testing of the fiber optic cable or inspecting the ferrule for the fiber optic connector. These equipment can range from basic to more advanced types.

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Optical Power Meter

Optical power meter is designed to work with the optical laser source to measure the optical loss on the fiber optic cables. It is also capable of measuring the quality and continuity of the fiber optic network.

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Optical Laser Source

The optic laser source is used in conjunction with the optical power meter to measure and provide the attenuation loss of the fiber optic network.

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Fiber Optic Testers

Fiber optic testers are classified as products that are able to carry out various functions such as inspecting the fiber optic connector ferrule or adjusting the optical signal strength of the fiber link for testing purpose and others.

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Fiber Optic Fault Locator

The fiber optic fault locator is used to inspect optical fiber, fiber optic patch cord or fiber optic cable for damaged or broken point. Both singlemode and multimode optical fibers are supported.